Massage Therapy, Gloucestershire!


Massage Therapy, Gloucestershire!

Sports Massage
Therapeutic Massage


Opening Times:

Monday – Friday
9 – 5

Long Tree House Clinic, Old Common, Minchinhampton, GL6 9EH

Massage Therapy, Gloucestershire!

Luxurious treatments, fabulous aromas, powerful tinctures…

Also in Cheltenham
9 – 1

Neal’s Yard Remedies, 9 Rotunda Terrace, Montpellier Street, Cheltenham, GL50 1SW 

Massage Therapy, Gloucestershire!

Back Problem?


Massage Therapy, Gloucestershire is a lovely way to unwind after a busy week, when you are giving yourself time, away from your other responsibilities.
Circulation is key to positive thoughts and your wellbeing. If you have particular aches and pains or an injury, ask for remedial sports massage so with a series of treatments, you can work out a plan of action with Giulia.
Release any trapped nerves, muscles and impact injuries for different kinds of pain relief.
Massage Therapy, Gloucestershire!

“I felt my true self for the first time in years! I literally strode down the street afterwards”

Myofascial Release Techniques work on the soft tissue and can bring relief from pain and a deep relaxation to the body.
Maintain your body fitness as you would maintain your house or your car.
Invest in your body and it will repay you!




“Giulia brings a sensitivity to her work whilst going deep into the muscle at the same time which is rare in a masseur.” “Quite apart from the massage which is great I have a distinct sensation of well-being after a session as well”


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